Zippin Designs has one goal in mind, delivering the highest quality and most innovative lighting products to our customers at fair prices.
In today's world of fly-by-night vendors we think it is important to partner with businesses that you can trust to be there for you today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

Unlike most of our competitors who import their products from out of the country our products are hand made to order by us.
Our whips are wrapped around the rods, giving the customer 360 degrees of LED's lights. Some competitors only stick the LED's back to back allowing for only 180 degrees of light coverage.

We also have more LED's per lighted whip by wrapping the LED's.

Our whip mounts are magnetic, designed to be debris free alleviates chances of the mounts jamming up and allowing you to always being able to dismount your whips

Some other companies also wrap there LED's however they leave a small gap in between the LED's giving the customer less LED's for the money.
Our LED's are the highest quality and specially made to our specifications and are waterproof and made out of the highest output LED chips on the market.

We put our customers first if you have a question or a problem give us a call we are here to help.

Jeffrey & Rebecca
Phone or Text 248-688-6959

Rochester Hills Michigan 48307

Please do not contact us by email, emails sometimes get classified as spam or junk where they get overlooked.

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