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  1. Don't look for the controller in the phone settings under bluetooth ONLY use the app to find the controller.
  2. Some times the IPhone has trouble releasing Bluetooth so do a reboot and try searching again.
  3. Some Android phones may need their location services turned on.
  4. Call Jeff and Becca 248-688-6959
the Grandmas are our standard whips
Grandpa’s are made with ultra bright Leds which are much more visible in the daytime

We use the Grandpa's whips for our upgrades like Break light and Turn signal models.
Any questions just call Jeff and Becca 248-688-6959

The turn signals work with a 3 position switch on - off - on that has 3 poles {right sig} {positive} {Left sig} if your Street legal Kit works the same way, our controller will work with it.
any questions call

Any questions just call Jeff and Becca 248-688-6959
BRG           WS2811


Any questions just call Jeff and Becca 248-688-6959
Your setting are off these are the correct settings

BRG WS2811


Any questions just call Jeff and Becca 248-688-6959


Nana's Controller App "SceneX"

Grandma's and Grandpa's App "Led Chord"

SceneX Instructions (HERE)


Zippin Designs have one goal in mind; delivering the highest quality and most innovative lighting products to our customers at fair prices. In today's world of fly-by-night vendors we think it is important to partner with businesses that you can trust to be there for you today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

Unlike most of our competitors, our whips are wrapped around the rod of the whips, giving the customer 360 degrees of LED's lights. Some competitors only stick the LED's back to back allowing for only 180 degrees of light coverage.

We also have more LED's per Lighted whip antennas by wrapping the LED's.
Some other companies also wrap there LED's however they leave a small gap in between the LED's giving the customer less LED's for the money.
Our LED's are made for our specification and our water proof and made out of 5050 LED chips.


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New Warranty Beginning 09/01/19
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If you purchased your Grandma’s Whips product through an Authorized Dealer, please follow their return policy for refunds. If you do not have any luck there, let us help you out! For up to 30 days, and with proof of purchase, gift receipt or a packing slip from a Grandma’s Whips Authorized Retailer, you may exchange an unopened Grandma’s Whips product for store credit (only valid on You will just have to cover shipping.
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If your Grandma’s Whips broke, Simply send the product back. we will set you up with product replacement. If your wire is ripped out send it back we will reattach your wire.