How many people can say they get to talk to the makers directly to get details and advice? Let alone at 10pm. After careful consideration I chose Zippin Designs. Grandmaz Zippinz can’t wait for your product! Hope this helps you guys decide."

Tristan Canepa

 Got my Grandmaz Zippinz heater in last night, and I am very impressed. Install was very easy and straightforward. It does take 2 people to line the core up with the faceplate and get bolted up, but its really easy. Backed it out of the garage and let it idle to warm up and check for leaks, and let me tell you this thing throws some heat! Haven't went on a ride yet, but I have all the confidence in the world that its gonna be amazing! I may try and do some sort of variable speed adjustment on the fan, but I definitely give it 5 stars! A great option for heat, especially if you are running the glove box sub enclosure. Ill get everything cleaned up and put back together today."

Joel SpringerRzR Nation

 The level of customer service that Grandmaz Zippinz gives is beyond awesome!!! Love our 3’ Nana’s Whips!!!"

Chris Geen

 Grandmaz Zippinz the new whips from zippinz design are totally sick. More than impressed. Their customer service is on point as well. Answered their phones right away and we’re super helpful. 💯💯"

Cody Reddick

 Installed 3 ft Grandmaz Zippinz on the buggy. Holy cow these things are bright AF, great warranty, and customer service. So many sequences and options. One happy customer for sure."

Michael FergusonRzR Nation