Warranty & Returns

We stand by our products and are confident you will love them! We guarantee your satisfaction!
If you're not satisfied, you may exchange or return merchandise purchased on Zippin-Designs.com for a full refund less shipping cost, within 30 days of the purchase date. You are responsible for the shipping charges.

If you purchased your Grandma’s Whips product through an Authorized Dealer, please follow their return policy for refunds. If you do not have any luck there, let us help you out! For up to 30 days, and with proof of purchase, gift receipt or a packing slip from a Grandma’s Whips Authorized Retailer, you may exchange an unopened Grandma’s Whips product for store credit (only valid on Zippin-Designs.com). You will just have to cover shipping.

Zippin Designs Offers Lifetime Warranty Coverage on whips for orginal purchaser.
If you recieved these whips on a machine that you purchased we will fix and repair your whips for a small charge--please contact us.

If your Grandma’s Whips break, Simply send the product back. we will set you up with product replacement. If your wire is ripped out send it back we will reattach your wire.

Zippin Designs Offers Limited Warranty Coverage on our other products against manufacture defects if any of these products are damaged. We offer these products at 50% replacement cost this is do to the nature of where rock lights, scanners, and chase lights, ect... are mounted and these items are not repairable.

Please include you name and address inside the box when sending items back
Download Warranty Form here (HERE)

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