Nana's Whips are the most INNOVATIVE whips on the market today with our custom built anodized MAGNETIC quick disconnect system that is included with every whip.

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What sets us apart from others.

  1. Our unique Magnetic Mount that was designed by Zippin-Designs are 2 piece Anodized aluminum and has a Real earth magnet that has holding pressure around 50lbs. 
  • Our unique Quick disconnect system keeps the dirt, sand or mud out so you have no problems removing your whips and all that's left behind are 1" tall studs.

Higher Grade 50mm x 50mm LED Strip with UV protected clear coating.

  2. Unlike our competitors who loosely wrap their LED's (like a candy cane) We closely wrap ours to give you the most LED's per linear foot of whip. This makes our whips the brightest around. 

  3. Marine Grade Glue Lined Heat Shrink for better weather Proof protection.

  4. PVC Clear Heat shrink that has UV Protection.


  1. Bluetooth Controllers with Marine Grade weather proofing silicone which is tested in salt water environments.

  2. Wire Harness that is 18 gage wire and 16mm waterproof connectors 

  3. 2 part epoxy sealed top so you don't lose your caps 

  4. Controller modes Solid Colors, Chasing, Stacking, Dancing to Music, Pulsing and MORE!

  5.    Our Braking light Bluetooth controller has virtual unlimited solid colors with including auto cycle mode through your custom made Scenes.

We can build custom set-ups for you! Contact Us! 

Don't forget our LIFETIME Warranty!!!

When Purchasing these whips PLEASE unplug your Tail light and make sure you are purchasing the Correct tail light connection if you don't see your Connector please send us a picture and any number you see on your connector.