Product Features General Product Information Waterproof cable used for low voltage interconnections Compatible with all EasyPlug3 Extensions, Controllers and Pixels NOTE: This cable is designed for connecting to or with other EasyPlug3™ standard products. Not for use in connecting with any non-standard waterproof plugs, even if other cables or plugs may have a similar in design or size. Included, optional and customer supplied items Items included with this item/product/bundle: Single cable with a male and female plug One Waterproof silicone o-ring gaskets (for male side) One plastic cable connector nut (used on male side) Technical Specifications Waterproof Level: 67 (more info) - Assumes proper waterproofing connections by customer Individual Wires: Wire gauge: 18 AWG Wire (individual) jacket diameter: .07" Conductor resistance (≤20 cel (Ω /km): 39 Ohms per Kilometer Jacket: Color: Black Diameter: .25" (1/4") Material: PVC Rating: GB5023.5-1997 / 300v AC Jacket material resistance Solvent: Fair Acid: Good Base: Good Flame: Good Humidity / Water: Good Dimensions & Weight Maximum diameter of male (with pins) connector:: ~.7" (3/4") Maximum diameter of cable with connector nut: .92" (15/16") Total length of cable (connector to connector): ~60" / 5 Feet Cable assembly weight: .25 pounds Certifications & Approvals Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified/Recognized/Approved: No CE: No ROHS (Lead Free): Yes

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